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Masterclass: Innovation in Circular & Biobased Textiles (ongoing)

The Textile ETP, in collaboration with STFI (DE), RISE (SE), Centexbel (BE), and Centrocot (IT) has launched a new European Masterclass in Spring 2022, focusing on Innovation in Circular & Biobased Textiles.

The 20-month learning journey provides state-of-art knowledge, presented by key technology and innovation leaders. Five thematic modules will be covered through monthly webinars, two in-person workshops, and a closing conference.

Besides gaining knowledge, understanding market, and regulatory trends, projects, tech trends, and strategies, the Masterclass also provides the opportunity to network with companies and experts in the field, from all across Europe.

What is the European Masterclass ‘Innovation in Circular and Biobased Textiles’?

The European Masterclass ‘Innovation in Circular and Biobased Textiles’ is addressed to professionals in the European textiles and clothing sector wishing to upgrade their knowledge on all aspects of textile sustainability and to build a European-wide network of potential research, innovation, and business development, partners.

The content focuses on the intersection of research, technology development, and practical know-how from industrial applications. It also covers broader picture topics such as market and regulatory trends, standards, best practices, and new business models.

Who can ben­e­fit from this Masterclass?

Each sub­scriber organ­i­sa­tion is free to fol­low the whole pro­gramme or a part of it, exploit­ing at its best the pos­si­bil­i­ty to enrol mul­ti­ple staff mem­bers per organ­i­sa­tion with one sin­gle fee (by opt­ing for the ​‘Team’ or ​‘Cor­po­rate’ subscription).

The pro­gramme can also be inter­est­ing for junior experts and researchers in the field of cir­cu­lar and biobased tex­tiles and relat­ed indus­tries, to pro­vide a wide range of recent devel­op­ments and lat­est inno­va­tions in the mar­ket, indus­try, and from the pol­i­cy perspective

Are you interested in participating in this Masterclass?

‎You can still register! Thanks to the custom-made Masterclass platform where each recording is published, latecomers have a chance to catch up on missed content.

See below the packages and related costs, depending on membership status. Non-members can simultaneously subscribe to the Masterclass and apply for ETP membership to benefit from membership discounts. Find the Textile ETP membership application details here.

The Masterclass will be mainly held online through 15 webinars, approx. 1 per month. In addition, 2 workshops and a final event in December 2023 are planned to be held in presence. These in-person events will cover extra-curricular content, therefore the core content of the Masterclass can be entirely followed online.

The fee covers the costs of attendance of all 15 webinars for all registered experts of the same subscriber organisation. Depending on the subscription level, 1, 2, or 3 experts per subscriber organisation can attend the 2 in-person workshops free of charge and the final conference at a discounted participation fee.

The fee also includes access to all course materials incl. video-recording, presentation slides, and short summaries of all webinars and in-person events for the entire duration of the programme, conveniently accessible through an online collaboration platform.

Further benefits include targeted networking and brokerage opportunities during all interactive online and in-presence events as well as information sharing with other subscribers or expert speakers through the collaboration platform.

Yes, it is foreseen to keep subscriptions open during the entire programme period. However, depending on the number of subscriber organisations, the Masterclass organiser reserves its right to close the programme for subscription at any moment to guarantee a smooth organisation of the webinars and ensure a good level of interaction between the programme participants.

Late subscribers will receive full access to all materials including video recordings of past webinars. Late subscribers will have to pay the full programme fee.

Yes. To allow subscribers to spread the cost over two fiscal years, the fee can be split into two equal instalments: the first one being invoiced before the beginning of the programme, in April 2022, or at the moment of subscription after this date. The second instalment will be invoiced in January 2023. Opting for the split invoicing option has an additional administrative cost of 50€. However, a subscription always covers the full programme period, which means the 2nd instalment remains due to whether a subscriber decides to attend the full course cycle or not. For late subscribers after December 2022, the full programme fee will be invoiced in one single invoice.

Depending on the subscription level chosen, the subscriber organisation can enrol the following number of staff members:

Expert: 1 single staff member

Team: up to 5 staff members

Corporate: up to 12 staff members

If you would like to subscribe to more than 12 staff members, please reach out to us for a custom offer. Note that each staff member subscribed will have access to the whole Masterclass, all webinars, and materials, as well as our Masterclass platform. It is not possible to assign one spot to different contacts at different moments of the Masterclass, based on the interest in different modules.

The Masterclass kicked off in May 2022, however, subscription is still possible. Late subscribers will have access to all previous webinars’ recordings and materials and will be charged the full amount of the Masterclass fee.

Each webinar is expected to last approximately 3.00 hours and will typically take place in the afternoon between 14.00 and 17.00 CET, although the exact timing can be adjusted to the preferences expressed by the subscribers.

The exact locations of these events have not been fixed yet. As a general rule, they should take place at a venue with convenient access through international travel and with the possibility to combine with visits of interesting facilities such as a technology centre, industrial demonstration site or a related side event.

Do you have further questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us.