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Circular & Biobased Textiles Innovation Hub

Where European Sustainable Textile Experts Meet

Together with STFI (DE), RISE (SE), Centexbel (BE), Centrocot (IT), and CETI (FR), the Textile ETP has launched the Circular & Biobased Textiles Innovation Hub to help textile companies, research organisations, brands and retailers to learn, network and collaborate on the hot topics of circular and biobased textiles.

Combining online and in-person events, the Innovation Hub offers a wide scale of formats and targets a broad range of textile sustainability and circularity topics, so that textile professionals from different backgrounds can all find relatable and valuable content.

We look forward to welcoming you among our Innovation Hub members!

Today, sustainability and circularity are at the heart of textile innovation.

In its 2022 EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, the European Commission presented a vision and related European policy objectives for a green and digital transition of the European textile ecosystem. The strategy focuses on key textile sustainability aspects, such as eco-design, waste and pollution prevention, safe and biobased materials, circular material flows, responsible supply chains and new business models and more.


European textile professionals are all working towards ambitious goals to follow the direction the EU Strategy has set.


In this Innovation Hub, we offer a platform for discussions, collaboration, access to information and learning, an opportunity to come together and jointly tackle the challenges – because together, we go further.

Who should subscribe and why?

The Innovation Hub is for European textile professionals with interest in sustainability, circularity and biobased textiles from:

  • Small, medium and large companies across the entire supply chain
  • Research/testing institutes and university departments
  • Professional associations and clusters
  • Consultancies and independent experts

The webinars and workshops are structured around the five most important innovation themes of textile circularity and sustainability. They cover:

  • Biobased materials & processes

    What new biobased fibres are available and for which type of products/applications are they suitable?

    What do you need to know when processing innovative biobased fibres?

  • Circularity / recycling

    What is the technical state-of-the-art and latest developments of different recycling technologies?

    What recycled materials are available, what are their properties and limitations?

  • Ecodesign

    What are the requirements and best practices of eco-designing textile and clothing products?

    How to design for durability, repairability, recyclability or biodegradability?

  • Sustainable chemistry

    What are the requirements, options and technologies for replacing hazardous processing and functionalisation chemicals?

    How to avoid/minimise emissions of chemicals and microplastics from textile products during production, use and end-of-life?

  • Sustainable supply chain

    How to manage/optimise your supply chain to fulfil environmental, social, health and safety requirements?

    What data, standards or certificates are needed/helpful to manage textile sustainability?

  • Additional topics upon Hub members' requests

    Shape the programme! We will regularly encourage you to provide feedback and suggest topics that you would like to discuss, allowing for flexibility in addressing challenges, research developments and innovations as they arise.

The Innovation Hub Activities

The Innovation Hub activities are organised around four pillars. For a detailed look at our upcoming events, check our brochure.

  • πŸŽ“ Learn

    Engage and learn in live online sessions (max 1h30), offered 2-3 times a month. Listen to presentations about recent circular and biobased textiles innovations, pick the brain of experts and discuss the textile sector's sustainability challenges with industry insiders. Delve into our Innovation in Circular and Biobased Textiles Masterclass video library and discover over 80 recorded expert presentations.

  • πŸ‘₯ Network

    Participate in online networking sessions, browse through the contact database of your fellow Innovation Hub members, or join us at one of the in-person meet-ups at the largest European trade fairs and textile conferences. You will also get the chance to visit open innovation facilities.

  • 🀝 Collaborate

    Discuss the textile sector's sustainability challenges with your peers in interactive co-design sessions or ad-hoc working groups, set up occasionally to address concrete issues with a short timeline.

  • πŸ—¨οΈ Share

    Publish your news in the Innovation Hub newsletter and share it with your fellow Hub members. Boost your visibility by sharing your content also via our social media channels on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter). Use this opportunity to present your innovative solutions/research developments in one of the webinars or host a workshop and lead the discussion.

Pricing and packages

A full-year learning and networking programme for the price of a 2-day conference ticket.

β€ŽThe membership in the Innovation Hub is a yearly recurring subscription, automatically renewed each year in January (see FAQs for the conditions of cancelling the subscription). New joiners subscribing as of 1 July each year will be invoiced 60% of the yearly fee for the running calendar year. They will be automatically invoiced the normal yearly fee in January of the next calendar year, and all following years.

The Innovation Hub Team

Organised by Textile ETP, co-hosted by STFI (DE), RISE (SE), Centexbel (BE), Centrocot (IT), and CETI (FR).

The Innovation Hub Members


  • Can I subscribe if my organisation is not based in Europe?

    Innovation Hub membership is eligible for organisations based in the EU, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), EU Candidate countries, and the United Kingdom.

  • Do I need to attend all webinars?

    No, your subscription provides you with access to all activities, communications and programmes, however you are welcome to attend only those relevant for you.

  • Can different people from my organisation attend different webinars?

    Yes, with the Team package you can subscribe up to 3 employees, and with the Corporate package an unlimited number of colleagues can join the Innovation Hub, therefore everyone attends sessions based on their personal preference. The contacts subscribed to the Innovation Hub are fix, therefore, for example, with a Team package, you cannot subscribe 3 people for the month of February, then change them to 3 others for March, and then switch them back again in April. The same way, with an Expert package, the same 1 contact will become a member of the Hub for the entire year. Exceptions will be made for whenever the employment of a Hub member ends at the member company. In this case, the old contact can be replaced with the new hire.

  • On a monthly basis, how much of my time will be needed?

    How much time you dedicate to the Innovation Hub is your choice. In an intense month, we can offer up to 6 hours of live online activities and an in-person conference participation, but you only attend what you would like to. Our platform is always there for you to catch up on missed sessions, as everything is recorded and can be re-watched at any time.

  • Is the membership renewed each year?

    Yes, membership in the Circular & Biobased Textiles Innovation Hub applies for the running calendar year, and is automatically renewed in January in each new year, unless you expressed your intention to discontinue your subscription.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You can discontinue your subscription latest by 30 September of the previous year, by sending an e-mail to