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Join SmartX - The new European Smart Textiles Innovation Community

This unique Com­mu­ni­ty will bring togeth­er lead­ing indus­try inno­va­tors and tech devel­op­ers from all over Europe. 

SmartX Com­mu­ni­ty — The Services:

E‑Learning: Reg­u­lar expert webi­na­rs, top­ics relat­ed to smart tex­tile inno­va­tion, tech­ni­cal webi­na­rs tar­get­ed at researchers and tech devel­op­ers + busi­ness & mar­ket trends webi­na­rs tar­get­ed at com­pa­nies/s­tart-ups, Col­lec­tive topic/​speaker selec­tion by com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers, Pos­si­bil­i­ty for (pre­mi­um) sub­scribers to host their own webi­na­rs, Q&A ses­sions led by tech­ni­cal mod­er­a­tors, record­ings acces­si­ble through a com­mu­ni­ty platform.

Phys­i­cal Meet-Ups: Com­mu­ni­ty meet-ups are linked to indus­try & research events such as trade fairs, con­fer­ences, cluster/​association assem­blies, project work­shops, an annu­al cal­en­dar of events to coor­di­nate trav­els, mes­sage board on the com­mu­ni­ty plat­form to plan meet-ups between com­mu­ni­ty members.

Part­ner­ship Devel­op­ment: Bro­ker contacts/​exchange between mem­bers of the com­mu­ni­ty, build new part­ner­ships to par­tic­i­pate in EU projects or to cre­ate busi­ness devel­op­ment ven­tures, post & fol­low up inquiries on the com­mu­ni­ty plat­form, and news on fund­ing opportunities.

Coach­ing & Men­tor­ing: Find expert coach­es & expe­ri­enced men­tors through an online data­base, Con­tract experts through sim­ple trans­par­ent con­tracts, Rec­om­men­da­tion & review sys­tem for coach­es & mentors.

Info Access & Pro­mo­tion: Access all infor­ma­tion and con­tacts in one sin­gle plat­form, pro­mote infor­ma­tion about your­self & your com­pa­ny with a rel­e­vant audi­ence in webi­na­rs, plat­forms & newslet­ters, receive a month­ly newslet­ter packed with rel­e­vant Smart Tex­tiles news from across Europe, and share your lat­est news & events across all com­mu­ni­ty chan­nels (com­mu­ni­ty, newslet­ter, social media…).

Sub­scribe here to the SmartX com­mu­ni­ty: ETP (tex​tile​-plat​form​.eu)