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Celebrating Textile Circular Innovation: Textile ETP at Resortecs

On 7 September, Textile ETP had the privilege of attending Resortecs' event in Brussels, titled "From Waste to Profit - Unlocking Industrial-scale Textile Recycling in the EU." The gathering brought together over a hundred textile professionals from various corners of Europe, to explore the transformative potential of textile recycling on an industrial scale.

Resortecs, a start-up launched in 2017 and a 2022 finalists in the European Investment Bank Institute’s Social Innovation Tournament, unveiled their ingenious circularity solution at this event. They introduced two pivotal innovations: a groundbreaking heat-dissolvable thread, and a revolutionary approach to multi-material disassembly. The presentation of these cutting-edge technologies took place within the facilities of Resortecs' Circularium.

Throughout the event, our team had the privilege of delving into insightful presentations and discussions. Resortecs conducted a meticulous Comparative Cost Analysis of Textile Disassembly Processes, shedding light on the economic viability of sustainable practices in the textile industry. Dirk Vantyghem, representing EURATEX, delivered an update on the latest developments in the EU Textile Strategy, further emphasising the importance of sustainability within the sector.

One of the highlights of the evening was a dynamic panel discussion, where industry leaders, from various sectors, shared their success stories in partnership with Resortecs, showcasing the versatility and broad-reaching impact of these innovations.

Being part of this event also offered a chance to witness first-hand the innovation unfolding in textile circularity, right in the heart of our vibrant city of Brussels. We thank Resortecs and Cedric Vanhoeck for the invitation to this enlightening occasion!

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