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ITMA2023 Revisited: Discover our new podcast episode!

Welcome to ITMA2023 Revisited Podcast, a collaboration between Textile ETP and CEMATEX! Delve into textile technology trends from ITMA 2023, featuring insightful interviews and industry insights, and stay informed on the future of the textile machinery world.

Welcome to a new episode of our ITMA2023 Revisited Podcast. In this episode of the 'ITMA2023 Revisited' podcast, Textile ETP Secretary General Lutz Walter discusses the world of sustainable textile processing with Phil Patterson, Managing Director at Colour Connections. From the challenges of material circularity against a backdrop of increasingly stringent chemical legislation, to the skills gaps in the industry, and scaling innovation, discover the complexities and opportunities shaping the evolving landscape of textile processing.

If you aren't a Spotify user, you can access the podcast series through this link:

In this podcast series co-organised by Textile ETP and CEMATEX, we will bring you insights and updates on the main textile technology innovations and trends showcased on the last ITMA international textile machinery exhibition in Milan in June 2023. Join us for captivating interviews with textile technology experts, offering deep insights into the trends and technology that drive our industry!

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