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PESCO-UP partners meet for project consortium meeting in Slovenia

On 17-18 June 2024, Textile ETP was in Slovenia, for a PESCO-UP project consortium meeting and second General Assembly in Ptuj, Slovenia, to share with the consortium the latest updates about the project

The PESCO-UP consortium made significant progress related to the separation process, from the original materials to the final (non-woven, woven, knitted) products, using chemical/mechanical separation, filtration, regeneration, thermomechanical processing, glycolysis, spinning, knitting. We also heard about the use hyperspectral images to analyse the material composition and properties of samples, especially to detect elastane and additives, and we discussed the evaluation of eight polyester and five cotton recycling routes for CO/PES textiles!

Our Sustainable Programme Officer Tilla Kross presented the activities related to ECOSYSTEX to the partners, emphasising on the upcoming Conference in October. Our Communications Manager Charlotte Denis, who leads the dissemination activities for PESCO-UP, also provided a comprehensive update on our communications progress over the past six months.

The PESCO-UP meeting coincided with the 5th International Scientific Conference NANOAPP 2024 of Nanomaterials & Applications organised by IOS. Textile ETP Secretary General Lutz Walter was invited to participate in a panel discussion on the future of textile recycling.

Launched earlier this year, the PESCO-UP project focuses on transforming mixed polyester/cotton waste into high-quality and clean materials for the next use cycle, aligning with the EU's 2025 textile waste mandatory collection.

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