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Policy roundtable with EU projects on post-consumer textiles

On 14 February, Textile ETP attended a policy roundtable on the collection and sorting of post-consumer textiles

Hosted by the New Cotton Project, the roundtable focused on the ‘field’ experience of other EU projects (such as CISUTAC - a project in which Textile ETP is partner - and SCIRT) bringing data on their results, day-to-day experiences and policy insights on the collection and sorting of post-consumer textiles.

The event opened a line of dialogue between the projects, European Commission policy officers, key stakeholders and other influential members of the European Textile Industry.

Alongside the European Research Executive Agency, the New Cotton's twin partners (SCIRT and CISUTAC) and Finix, the event composes a thorough united front of key specialised stakeholder in the field of post-consumer textile waste management.

New Cotton is a three-year multi-stakeholder project will harness cutting edge chemical recycling technology to pilot and scale circular fashion within garment production. Among the consortium is Textile ETP Member RISE, the Swedish research institute and innovation partner for every part of society.

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