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RESERVIST concludes with successful final General Assembly in Brussels

Yesterday, Textile ETP took part in the successful conclusion of the RESERVIST project with its final General Assembly held in Brussels, Belgium by Centexbel, allowing us to reflect on the project's achievements and pave the way forward!

Yesterday marked a significant milestone for RESERVIST, as the coordinator Centexbel hosted the final General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium.

The GA was attended by all consortium partners who played a vital role in the project’s journey towards enhancing resilience in Europe, establishing a reservist system of healthcare products, and enabling swift mobilisation and production shifts during crises. This innovative approach could serve as a blueprint for future crisis preparedness and response strategies, not only in Europe, but worldwide.

We celebrated the project’s achievements, with several key milestones highlighted, among them, the certification and commercialisation of some RESERVIST products, the creation of the platform to help coordination and logistics, and the publication of an upcoming book on crisis preparedness.

One of the meeting’s main points was sharing best practices and lessons learned throughout the RESERVIST journey. Partners emphasised the importance of collaboration and knowledge- sharing among countries and regions, as well as with the industry. Looking ahead, the General Assembly concluded with a renewed commitment to sustain and build upon the project’s accomplishments, as the RESERVIST model could serve as a springboard for future collaboration, ensuring that Europe is better prepared to mitigate the impact of infectious diseases and other crisis.

Stay tune! Two final RESERVIST outputs will be published in the coming days: a video and a book!

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