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Strategic Programmes - Circular Economy And Bio-Based Fibres

The Strate­gic Pro­grammes Cir­cu­lar Econ­o­my and Bio-based Fibres con­tin­ued their work through a series of webinars.

The Strategic Programmes Circular Economy and Bio-based Fibres continued their work through a series of webinars. The 2nd webinar of SP Circular Economy looked at the technological state-of-the-art of mechanical, thermal and chemical recycling of a some of the most commonly used textile fibre types such as cotton, polyester and polyamide.

The Bio-based Fibres SP will look at the technological state-of-the-art and industrial application potential of biopolymer-based fibres in its upcoming webinar. A total of 86 subscriber organisations from industry, applied research and academia are engaged across the 2 programmes. The well-attended webinars prove to be excellent platforms for information exchange, joint learning and networking.

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