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Textile ETP at Refashion Day 2023 in Paris

On 10 October, Textile ETP attended the fourth edition of Refashion Day in Paris.

During this gathering of sustainability enthusiasts, including Tilla Kross, Sustainability Programmes Assistant at Textile ETP, key insights were shared, focusing on critical areas necessary for fostering a transition towards sustainability within the fashion industry.

Experts at the event emphasised the imperative to reshape consumer behaviour and attitudes concerning new product consumption. Addressing overproduction requires a shift away from the incessant desire to purchase new items. Acknowledging the significance of product longevity, speakers stressed the need to use existing products for as long as possible. Repairing clothes and shoes should be actively encouraged and destigmatised to bolster the repair ecosystem and minimise waste, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

Consumer education also emerged as a crucial aspect, highlighting the influential roles that both brands and public figures play in shaping sustainable consumer choices. The collective responsibility of individuals was underscored, emphasising the impact they can have on family and friends, further promoting sustainability. Finally, understanding historical contexts and present realities is integral to envisioning a sustainable future.

The Refashion Day event was a dynamic convergence of industry leaders and advocates, resonating with Textile ETP's commitment to driving sustainability and positive change within the textile sector. It serves as a reminder of the collective efforts needed to transform the industry and create a lasting impact on a global scale.

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