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Textile ETP at the InMotion Smart Textiles Conference 2022

Today, our Secretary General Lutz Walter presented Textile ETP's work on Smart Textile at the InMotion Smart Textiles Conference 2022 in Weimar, Germany.

In his presentation, Lutz Walter described the results of the SmartX project, the EU-funded accelerator programme for smart textile innovators which funded 25 trailblazer projects during 2020-2022. He also summarised the lessons learned from European Smart Textiles Masterclass, organised by Textile ETP and TITERA in 2021-2022, which supported the competitiveness of the European textile industry.

Dr. Daniela Zavec, technical director of the Masterclass and of the SmartX Community, was also present at the event, where she discussed smart PPE between the product development and the market approach.

This conference was also an opportunity for the Textile ETP to introduce its new SmartX Community, a permanent networking and information access service for all professionals involved in the smart textiles innovation ecosystem in Europe.

The International Smart Textiles Conference presented new technological developments of smart textiles and concepts for the successful path to series production. It also focused on solution approaches for automotive, aeronautics and personal protective equipment.

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