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Textile ETP President Marina Crnoja-Cosic stresses innovation in achieving sustainability goals

Marina Crnoja-Cosic, the newly appointed President of Textile ETP, delivered a keynote address at the official kick-off event of 'New Textile Ecosystems' (NEWTEXECO) on 21 September 2023, in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

In her address, Marina Crnoja-Cosic, President of Textile ETP and Director New Business Development at Kelheim Fibres, underscored the critical role of innovation in propelling the textile industry towards a more sustainable, digitised, circular, and inclusive economy. Marina Crnoja-Cosic emphasised the pivotal role of collaboration in achieving the European Union's sustainability objectives for the fashion and textile sector. She stressed that the fashion and textile industry are facing unprecedented challenges, necessitating urgent transformative actions. Innovation stands as a cornerstone for overcoming these challenges and steering the industry towards a sustainable future.

The President of Textile ETP spotlighted the importance of collaborations like NEWTEXECO in facilitating this transformative journey. NEWTEXECO, a collaboration between 3 Textile ETP members, ArtEZ, Saxion, and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, focuses on research and sustainable practices to reform the textile industry.

In her speech, Marina Crnoja-Cosic also presented Textile ETP, our objectives and activities, and Kelheim Fibres as industry example, showcasing a practical example of industry transformation and the potential impact that efforts can have in pushing sustainability initiatives forward.

Over the next eight years, NEWTEXECO will focus on researching a more sustainable value chain for textiles and fashion. We will strengthen existing collaborations and seek new ones, including partnerships with other universities and colleges, businesses, designers, as well as engaging with consumers and manufacturers. New ecosystems for knowledge development and innovation will emerge and be enhanced. More information on NEWTEXECO here.

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