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The Future of Emergency Response Production: RESERVIST Project Final Event at European Conference on Protective Clothing

After 3 years and half, the RESERVIST project comes to an end. RESERVIST Final Event will take place on Friday 12 May, at the 10th European Conference on Protective Clothing in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The morning session of the conference, titled "Medical protection: innovation in production & respiratory protection," will feature presentations from several RESERVIST partners. Gertrude Kignelman from Centexbel, Bert Groenendaal from SIOEN, and Peter Hazendonk from Hospitainer will discuss the project's results, testing and certification, re-design of textile protective equipment for production via alternative lines, and rapid deployment of emergency hospitals. In the afternoon, attendees will have the opportunity to visit Hospitainer to discover the emergency hospital and other RESERVIST products.

The RESERVIST Final Event promises to be an informative and valuable opportunity for industry professionals to gain valuable insights into the outcome of the RESERVIST project and its services, which have the potential to make a significant impact on emergency response efforts across Europe, and network with other professionals in the field.

The RESERVIST project focused on creating alternative production lines called "reservist cells" that can be activated within 48 hours in order to quickly switch from a day-to-day production line to one that focuses on products and services needed in times of crisis. More information on

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