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The IRISS project kicks off

The Textile ETP is now on board a brand new European project, IRISS, which aims to connect, synergize and transform the Safe and Sustainable by Design materials community in the EU and beyond, shifting towards a holistic integration of safety, climate neutrality, circularity and functionality of materials, products and processes.

To ensure that materials are safe- and sustainable-by-design for humans and the environment, to increase recycling and use resources in a more efficient way, efforts are required from an early stage of design and manufacturing. Thus, the European Commission has launched a major initiative, IRISS, which will accelerate the transition to safe and sustainably designed materials, products and processes.

The consortium, led by IVL, will create a global network of experts and stakeholders. Six value chains represented in the project will provide a clear picture of the industry's ongoing and future transformation. The Textile ETP will be particularly involved in two work packages by engaging our textile innovators’ community and contributing to the creation of a brand identity for IRISS, as well as promoting the IRISS ecosystem throughout the 3-year project period.

The project receives funding from the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 101058245.

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