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Exploring RegioGreenTex sustainable textile initiatives in Flanders

On 8 August, Textile ETP explored sustainable textile initiatives in Flanders as part of the RegioGreenTex project.

As part of the RegioGreenTex project, Textile ETP discovered sustainable textile initiatives around Mechelen, Belgium. Organised by project leader EURTAEX, the day included visits of the facilities of ECOSO (RegioGreenTex project partner), Decathlon Belgium and CiLAB Collective (supporting ECOSO on RegioGreenTex), providing a firsthand look at local and national-level efforts to promote textile reusing, recycling, and upcycling.

  • ECOSO's second-hand shops and collaborative initiatives with local partners highlighted the potential of textile reusing within communities.
  • Decathlon Belgium's newly established sustainability and repair centre demonstrated practical solutions for extending the lifespan of textiles and reducing waste.
  • CiLAB Collective presented its expertise in garment upcycling, showcasing the integration of creativity and sustainability.

RegioGreenTex promotes the collaboration in research and development between 43 partners from the four major sectors of society – industry, government, research institutes, and the public – for the textile industry. Partners come from 11 regions, including Flanders.

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