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Textile ETP visits Techtera and discusses the challenges of the industry

On 20 July, Textile ETP had the privilege of attending the annual member event hosted by TECHTERA in Lyon, France. This event was an excellent opportunity to showcase their activities, connect with industry peers, and present our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2022 and ECOSYSTEX's recent Input Paper

In the morning, our Community Manager Kamilla Drubina and our Communications Officer Charlotte Denis visited TECHTERA's members, including Boldoduc and their specialised textiles, Clim8 and their high-end personalized thermoregulation technology dedicated to smart clothing, and the IFTH (Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement), where we were given an exclusive tour of cutting-edge labs, witnessing ongoing research projects and experiments that are shaping the future of textiles.

TECHTERA's annual members event took place in the afternoon, where Charlotte Denis presented our various activities and services, but also discussed the challenges of the textile industry but presenting the Textile ETP's Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2022 "Ready to Transform", underpinning the industry transformation targeted by the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. Charlotte also presented the CISUTAC project and ECOSYSTEX's recently published input paper identifying the crucial research gaps and needs that, once filled, will pave the way for the green transition of the European textile ecosystem.

Thanks to our member TECHTERA for hosting the event and for the seamless organisation of the day. The event provided more than just an opportunity to present Textile ETP's endeavours; it also offered a chance to connect with like-minded industry peers, and meet more of our French members such as CETI.

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