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Exploring the Future of Printed Electronics in Textiles: Insights from LOPEC 2024

LOPEC 2024 once again brought together stakeholders from the worlds of textiles and electronics, providing a platform for collaboration and exploration of the latest developments in printed electronics. Among them, members of the SmartX Innovation Hub seized the opportunity to connect and exchange insights into the evolving landscape of flexible, organic, and printed electronics.

Judith Bosch, the Project Manager of Textile ETP and the SmartX Innovation Hub, travelled to LOPEC, engaging with key players and stakeholders shaping the future of printed electronics in textiles. From the bustling halls hosting renowned industry leaders and emerging innovators, Judith paid a visit to renowned Hub and ETP member like Sefar Group, CeNTI, ITM TU Dresden and PROFACTOR, but also to Fashion Tech Farm and 3E Smart Solutions.

On 5 March, Judith took the stage at the LOPEC Conference, shedding light on the market dynamics and business environment surrounding printed electronics. Her presentation emphasised the practical advantages and transformative potential of these technologies in textiles and wearables. Beyond novelty, printed electronics offer tangible benefits, including enhanced functionality and seamless integration into everyday garments and accessories. Printed electronics represent more than a passing trend; they signify a paradigm shift in how we interact with textiles and the world around us. Judith highlighted the versatility of these technologies, from enabling advanced healthcare monitoring to enhancing performance in sports and fitness applications. The possibilities for innovation are vast, spanning across industries and applications.

Judith also presented the pivotal role of the SmartX Innovation Hub as a facilitator of cross-sector collaboration. In an increasingly interconnected world, the Innovation Hub serves as a nexus for companies to converge, share insights, and explore synergies. Through collaborative efforts, participants leverage collective expertise and resources to drive innovation and unlock new opportunities.

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