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Exploring the Heart of Portuguese Textile Industry: Textile ETP Team's in Guimaraes

On 9 May, the Textile ETP team had the opportunity to visit companies in the Guimaraes region in Portugal, also known as the birth of the Portuguese textile industry.

The primary purpose of the visit was to delve into the operations and practices of the textile companies in the region, gaining firsthand knowledge and insights into their processes and contributions to the larger textile landscape.

Our first visit took us to RDD Textiles, a prominent textile company with a significant focus on sustainability and innovation. The Textile ETP team had the unique opportunity to witness RDD Textiles' sorting and recycling processes, and delved into RDD Textiles' biobased processes involving synthetic biology and bacteria-based dyeing, showcasing a promising avenue for sustainable textile production.

Furthermore, we got a glimpse into TMG Group's innovative approach to textile manufacturing, discovering TMG Group's array of sustainable materials, emphasising a commitment to environmentally friendly solutions within the industry.

The trip was made possible by the hospitality and generosity of Ana Silva Tavares and Barbara Leite (RDD Textiles), and Helder Rosendo (TMG Group), who graciously hosted the team and presented their respective organisations.

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