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Our textile-based pen for the Textile ETP Annual Conference!

Discover our conference gift this year: a pen made from textile waste!

We are proud to announce that for our upcoming Annual Conference in Porto, Textile ETP is giving out pens made from manaomea® material, a textile waste and signature organic resin combination. These pens are not only a functional writing tool, but also our statement in favour of the circular economy, and against textile waste.

Created by the German SME manaomea, and manufactured near Munich, these pens are the first pens made from manaomea® material, setting a new standard for sustainable writing instruments. The material is created from upcycled textile waste and signature organic resin from >95% renewable resources, which makes these pens eco-friendly and biodegradable.

These pens are also part of a circularity program: you can send your old pen tubes back to manaomea, where they will be turned into new interior pieces for future products. Additionally, for every pen sold, 5 cents will go towards setting up the first little pen production on site at the textile waste mountains in India, supporting local communities and reducing waste.

It all starts with a pen. A textile-based pen.

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