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Textile ETP at Textile & Fashion 2030's event on circular textile & fashion industry

On 26 April 2023, leading experts from the textile and fashion industry gathered at the Vestindien Textile Fashion Center in Borås, Sweden, for a day-long conference on the transition to a circular textile and fashion industry.

"The care you give to creating a product that customers love, ensuring efficient wasteless processes, providing excellent service to customers, building trusted relationships with suppliers, using a sustainable business model, fostering a thriving workplace for employees, being a positive part of the local community, and investing in long-term leadership, all contribute to creating quality. Sustainability then turns from a goal into a natural outcome of the effort you put into each dimension." - said Textile ETP Secretary General Lutz Walter, who was invited as keynote speaker at the event.

At the conference ‘Leading the Transition to a Circular Textile and Fashion Industry’, participants had the opportunity to listen to insights and good examples from industry leaders, network with representatives from both research and industry, share knowledge, and explore future collaborations and projects.

This was an opportunity for industry leaders to share their experience and insight on how the industry can transition to a circular economy. Universities, clusters and research centres also discussed transparency, traceability, and the implementation of the digital product passport.

The conference featured several workshops, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions on topics such as mechanical textile recycling at an industrial scale, innovative yarn spinning in Sweden, creating new products from worn-out viscose garments, and transparency, traceability and the digital product passport.

The event was organised by the Swedish national platform Textile & Fashion 2030, the research program Circular Textile Innovations and the project Nordic Blockchain Alliance. More information here.

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