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From the printing press to AI-generated virtual worlds: Media vs. Fashion industry

‎Regularly, our Secretary General Lutz Walter shares his insights and knowledge through his blogposts, covering a wide range of topics related to textile sustainability and innovation. Follow his blog to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that the textile industry is facing today.

"Today’s most valuable companies are all tightly linked to the digital world. Microsoft, Google and Meta (Facebook) sell almost no physical products and the few they sell exist essentially to strengthen the ecosystem of their digital services. So is there a future for the fashion industry in which most of its value creation is linked to digital goods and services?"

In his new blog, our Secretary General Lutz Walter digs into the ways technology may shape the textile industry, and revolutionise the way we consume and create fashion design.

If you want to get a first overview on where digital disruption is already successful in the textile and fashion industry today and what are the next digital opportunities, join our new pilot Masterclass on Textile Digitalisation, starting on 31 January.

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