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SmartX Innovation Hub: European Community of Smart and High Performance Textile Innovators

The Textile ETP, in partnership with Titera, AEI Tèxtils, CeNTi, and IVGT, proudly announces the evolution of the SmartX Community into the SmartX Innovation Hub. The Hub follows the conclusion of the SmartX Europe project, a Horizon2020 initiative dedicated to boosting e-textiles and wearables into the market. One of the most notable achievements of the project was the realization that learning, sharing, and cross-sector collaboration can play a significant role in innovation.

Embracing innovation in smart textiles requires facing uncertainties. This new SmartX Innovation Hub presents a unique platform for professionals from diverse backgrounds to explore the power of learning to unlock knowledge and embrace collaboration by sharing insights.

The Innovation Hub invites European textile professionals within and beyond the textile sector who are eager to explore and pioneer advancements in wearables and high-performance fibres. This includes representatives from small, medium, and large companies across the entire supply chain, research/testing institutes, university departments, professional associations, clusters, consultancies, independent experts, but also end markets open to exploring or researching the potential of new product.

The Hub focuses on monthly webinars exploring smart textiles and high-performance fibres, providing insights across various functionalities and markets through value chain maps. In addition, the Hub offers activities such as:

  • Physical events, including trade fair tours, are organised with a keen eye on trending markets and value chain gaps for relevance and impact.
  • To provide an immersive experience with the industry, SmartX offers a public podcast titled 'Smart Textiles, Smarter World' showcasing the latest developments and serves as an introduction to the dynamic world of textiles.
  • Members enjoy exclusive content with the 'Meet the Expert' podcast, offering tailored interviews and insights for on-the-go professionals, making valuable information accessible during commutes.

The Innovation Hub's activities are organised around four pillars:

The Innovation Hub offers a full-year learning and networking program for the price of a 2-day conference ticket. Memberships are yearly subscriptions automatically renewed each January.

For more details and to become a part of this innovative journey, download the brochure or visit our webpage.

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