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ECOSYSTEX and CISUTAC at WhiteCycle Workshop

On 28 November, in a collaborative effort to drive sustainability and circularity in the European textile industry, ECOSYSTEX and CISUTAC were presented at the first workshop of WhiteCycle, hosted at Michelin's R&D facilities in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Textile ETP Communications Officer, Charlotte Denis, outlined ECOSYSTEX's mission and recent achievements at the event. She shared the community's goals, introduced the diverse members of ECOSYSTEX, and presented the recently published input paper, identifying crucial research gaps and needs essential for facilitating the green transition of the European textile ecosystem. One notable highlight Charlotte shared with the participants was the success of the ECOSYSTEX Conference held in Barcelona in October. This event proved to be a pivotal moment, bringing together over 100 individuals from 16 European countries, including researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers.

Simultaneously, Guy Buyle, the project coordinator for CISUTAC from Centexbel, shared insights into the accomplishments of CISUTAC in enhancing circularity and sustainability in European textiles and clothing. He highlighted advancements in zipper repair and the innovative firefighter suit dismantling workstation as tangible results of their commitment to circular practices. Guy also delved into the exploration of diverse scenarios by the CISUTAC consortium for the future of textiles and fashion, considering global production trends and the ongoing shift from fast fashion to conscious, durability-focused consumer behaviors.

The collaboration didn't stop at individual presentations. WhiteCycle and CISUTAC had insightful discussions exploring the synergies between them, highlighting the importance of a more connected and collaborative ecosystem via ECOSYSTEX.

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