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Textile ETP at the CISUTAC kick-off meeting in Ghent, Belgium

This week, the CISUTAC consortium met in-person in Ghent, Belgium, for the kick-off meeting of the project. An opportunity to discuss the different aspects of CISUTAC.

CISUTAC is a Horizon Europe project, co-funded by the European Union. It started on 1 September 2022 and will last for 48 months. At the kick-off meeting on 27-28 September, the consortium partners:

  • discussed the needs and requirements to design the future pilots that will demonstrate the industrial application of new technologies for textile circularity
  • discussed how to develop the capacity and infrastructure for circular textiles, and to support a large scale sector-wide uptake
  • started working on building a better understanding of the textile actors (stakeholders and consumers), in order to later give them insights on the value of circular textiles

Textile ETP introduced the Textile Circularity Multiplier Initiative, the upcoming community of EU projects related to textile circularity that amplifies each other's research and results to pave the way to more sustainability in the textile sector. We also launched the communications activities (by presenting the visual identity, website, and social media channels), and presented the quality manual (to ensure transparent, clear and efficient project procedures, and a timely and high quality implementation of the project and its deliverables). Finally, Lutz Walter, Secretary General of the Textile ETP, was presented as the Quality Manager of the CISUTAC Steering Committee, which is responsible for the overall management of the project.

Led by Centexbel, the Belgian research centre for textiles and plastics, the CISUTAC consortium is EU-wide, and includes global leading brands and companies, Civil Society Organisations, Research and Technology Organisations and EU associations. The diversity within the consortium allows CISUTAC to cover all required expertise and infrastructure over the full novel circular value chain.

More information CISUTAC's activities and work packages here.

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