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On 7 and 8 November, TRICK representatives attended ECOMONDO to present the project's missions and services.

In the week of 6 November, our Project Manager Judith Bosch participated in ECOMONDO, known as a hub for research and innovation, offered an ideal setting to share the TRICK project's mission of creating six distinct services based on blockchain technology to trace textile products, offering insights to companies looking to optimise their value chains while addressing the Digital Product Passport (DPP). Judith met many of TRICK partners and Textile ETP members: Guy Buyle from Centexbel, Carla Fité Galan from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, GRASSI 1925's Daniela Ferroni, Sistema Moda Italia's Roberta Bernardo and Mauro Sampellegrini.

In the afternoon of 7 November, our Secretary General Lutz Walter spoke at the workshop 'Paving the Way to Future Digital Product Passports: Insights from Textile and Appliance Industries'. In collaboration with CircThread, this workshop deep dived into the future of Digital Product Passports, leveraging the experiences of two EU-funded projects. Lutz Walter highlighted the importance for companies from the European textile value chain to collaborate with associations, networks and standardisation initiatives and bodies to create sector-wide accessible standards to implement the DPP. The TRICK Project also spoke at the event, with Carla Fité Galan and Daniela Ferroni sheding light on how the TRICK pilots will be implemented and the significance of the TRICK platform for textile companies, emphasising on eco-design and legislative approaches. The session concluded with a consumer perspective, making it a remarkable workshop to understand the different points of view, and offering valuable information into the future of product passports.

On 8 November, representatives from the TRICK project, including Judith Bosch, gathered at a traceability workshop moderated by Andreea Dumitrascu from The event offered a comprehensive overview of the project's accomplishments and goals. Mauro Sampellegrini provided an insightful project overview, while Judith Bosch highlighted the challenges and concerns that companies face when implementing traceability solutions. Carla Fité Galan presented a mapping of existing traceability solutions in the market, emphasizing the difficulties SMEs encounter when selecting the most suitable option. Piero DeSabbata discussed the data collection process from the TRICK pilots, showcasing the progress the project has made. The day wrapped up with an overview of the results collected during the TRICK workshop at the ECOSYSTEX conference, leaving attendees with a deeper understanding of the project's achievements and future potential. The event concluded with a remarkable networking and interactive session, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange in the pursuit of sustainable textile traceability.

Aside from the formal presentations and workshops, Judith Bosch had the pleasure of meeting Daniele Spinelli from Next Technology Tecnotessile, who shared ground-breaking developments in textile recycling.

ECOMONDO highlighted the significance of Digital Product Passports, the challenges companies face, and the need for collaboration and knowledge-sharing in shaping the future of the textile sector.

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