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Circular & Biobased Textiles Innovation Hub: Where European Sustainable Textile Experts Meet

The Textile ETP, in partnership with STFI, RISE, Centexbel, Centrocot, and CETI, proudly announces the launch of the Circular & Biobased Textiles Innovation Hub. This initiative is poised to be a central hub for textile companies, research organizations, brands, and retailers to converge, learn, network, and collaborate on the pressing issues of circular and biobased textiles.

European textile professionals are rallying to meet ambitious goals aligned with the objectives 2022 EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. This new Circular & Biobased Textiles Innovation Hub presents a unique platform for professionals from diverse backgrounds to engage in discussions, collaborate, access information, and collectively address the challenges on the horizon.

The Innovation Hub invites European textile professionals with a keen interest in sustainability, circularity, and biobased textiles to subscribe. This includes representatives from small, medium, and large companies across the entire supply chain, research/testing institutes, university departments, professional associations, clusters, consultancies, and independent experts.

Webinars and workshops within the hub are structured around the five pivotal innovation themes of textile circularity and sustainability:

  1. Biobased materials & processes
  2. Circularity/recycling
  3. Ecodesign
  4. Sustainable chemistry
  5. Sustainable supply chain

The Innovation Hub's activities are organized around four pillars:

The Innovation Hub offers a full-year learning and networking program for the price of a 2-day conference ticket. Memberships are yearly subscriptions automatically renewed each January.

For more details and to become a part of this transformative journey, download the brochure or visit our webpage.

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