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Strategic Programmes - Launch Of Circular Economy And Bio-Based Fibres

Strate­gic Pro­grammes — Launch Of Cir­cu­lar Econ­o­my And Bio-Based Fibres

On 31st August the ETP Governing Board came together to decide on the launch of the Strategic Programmes. After analysing the over 140 subscriptions received across the 7 proposed themes, the Board decided to launch the exploration phases for Circular Economy (43 subscriptions) and Bio-based Fibres (28 subscriptions). The exploration phases will last for 6 months and start with a webinar in early October.

Among the other 5 proposed programmes, Smart Textiles and Digital Fashion Manufacturing also received a significant number of subscriptions. Still, the Board considered that the critical mass or a good enough balance between industry and research partners has not been reached yet to start these programmes immediately. This will be reviewed in early 2021.

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