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Textile Waste: Mind the Dark Matter

‎Regularly, our Secretary General Lutz Walter shares his insights and knowledge through his blogposts, covering a wide range of topics related to textile sustainability and innovation. Follow his blog to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that the textile industry is facing today.

"Only about half of all textile fibres in the EU become yarns, 20% of those yarns don’t become fabrics and 50% of those fabrics don’t become either clothing or household textiles. How much of the original textile fibre production effectively ends up in products that current market and legislative sustainability efforts tackle?"

In his new blogpost, our Secretary General Lutz Walter focuses on the non-fashion textile waste fractions, the textile waste quantities that are usually out of sight and out of mind of the consumers.

Don't miss the opportunity to join the conversation on the dark matter of the textile industry.

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