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Textile Sustainability without Regulation?

‎Regularly, our Secretary General Lutz Walter shares his insights and knowledge through his blogposts, covering a wide range of topics related to textile sustainability and innovation. Follow his blog to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that the textile industry is facing today.

"Regulation is an important tool to impose limits on (short-term) profit maximising businesses and to reduce their negative impacts on nature and society. [...] But it is by no means a perfect tool, nor is it a costless tool, far from it. But since it is an available tool and since most stakeholders, including industry itself, is asking for it, it will be used, quite generously as it seems."

In his latest blog post, our Secretary General Lutz Walter delves into the ongoing discourse surrounding the necessity of strict regulation in the textile and fashion industry to attain sustainability. He acknowledges the industry's historical failure in implementing voluntary measures and meeting sustainability targets, attributing it to entrenched practices prioritising profit over sustainability.

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