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Launch of new Masterclass: Innovation in Circular & Biobased Textiles

Today, the Textile ETP, in collaboration with STFI (DE), RISE (SE), Centexbel (BE), and Centrocot (IT) launches a new European Masterclass focusing on Innovation in Circular & Biobased Textiles.

The European Masterclass is a 20-month learning journey that will provide state-of-art knowledge, presented by key technology and innovation leaders, 5 thematic modules will be covered through monthly webinars, two in-person workshops, and a closing conference. Besides gaining knowledge, understanding market, and regulatory trends, projects, tech trends, and strategies, the Masterclass will offer the opportunity to network with companies and experts in the field, from all across Europe.

The content focuses on the intersection of research, technology development, and practical know-how from industrial applications. It also covers broader picture topics such as market and regulatory trends, standards, best practices, and new business models.

The European Masterclass ‘Innovation in Circular and Biobased Textiles’ is addressed to professionals in the European textiles and clothing sector wishing to upgrade their knowledge on all aspects of textile sustainability and to build a European-wide network of potential research, innovation, and business development, partners.The programme can also be interesting for junior experts and researchers in the field of circular and biobased textiles and related industries, to provide a wide range of recent developments and latest innovations in the market, industry, and from the policy perspective.

More information on the Masterclass are available here. If you would like to subscribe, click here.

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